platform voor kennis, nieuws en opinie
platform voor kennis, nieuws en opinie

12 mrt 2020 - Den Haag

STADgesprek Stand van de stad

12 mrt 2020 - Amsterdam

Gentle Gentrification

18 mrt 2020 - Den Haag

Grondbeleid & Praktijk 2020

19 mrt 2020 - Delft

Future Urban Mobility 2020

19 mrt 2020 - Den Bosch

Beyond data 11: the data-driven society

During this 11th edition of The Beyond Data Event, we discuss the internal organization around data. What do you encounter on the way to a datadriven organization? How to make a long-term data-strategy and how can this be translated to your own city? In addition, in three tracks we discuss societal issues  in various cases with speakers from national and international institutions. Of  course, we always keep in mind how to share data responsibly, the ethics of data and compliancy.

1 apr 2020 - Den Haag

Omgevingsvergunning Nederland 2020

15 apr 2020 - Assen

De stad van morgen