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26 Feb: College Tour ‘Responding quickly in temporary use in urban development’

26 Feb: College Tour ‘Responding quickly in temporary use in urban development’

16 feb 2015 - Strategies – Stakeholders – Timeline – Finance – Inspiration

How to deal with temporality in urban development? What can we learn from a different field? Is temporary use really temporary? And how to respond quickly during the process? On February 26th (13:30-16:30, Delft) Recruitment Manager Linda Reekers will give us insight in how YoungCapital deals with temporality in their branch. Martijn Drosten (Grontmij) will tell us about his graduation research for the Master City Developer. He will explain different temporary strategies and cases in Berlin. Rob Hoksbergen (Urban Management) will illustrate the case of the Blaricummermeent and the process of committing different parties, exploring financial opportunities and making it all happen.

Want to learn more about temporary use in urban development? We welcome you for the College Tour on February 26th in Delft. You can sign up by sending an email to:



– Welcome and introduction Agnes Franzen (Praktijkleerstoel Gebiedsontwikkeling TU Delft)


– Learning from another field: How does Young Capital deal with temporality? Linda Reekers (YoungCapital)


– Temporary use as development strategy Martijn Drosten (Grontmij Nederland B.V.)


– Case: Wachtend Land, Blaricummermeent Rob Hoksbergen (Urban Management)


– Discussion


– Drinks

Date & time:

26 February 2015, 13:30-16:30


Berlage Zaal 1, Faculteit Bouwkunde.
Julianalaan 134
2628 BL Delft


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