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2015.12.16_Stads en klimaat financiën worden verbonden1

CO2 beteugelen: steden worden aangesloten op klimaatfinanciering

16 dec 2015 - Steden zijn wereldwijd verantwoordelijk voor 70 % van de door de mens veroorzaakte broeikasgasemissies.

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2015.12.07_GO Drone-Kerstspecial

GO drone: Kerstspecial

15 dec 2015 - These Christmas lights have been spotted in a town in California: Yucaipa is located in the foothills of the San Bernardino National Forest, host to the tallest peak in Southern California.

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2015.11.23_GO Film week

GO film week #3 Interview Maarten Hajer

24 nov 2015 - Tijdens de GO Film Week van 23 t/m 27 november lichten we iedere dag een video op ons YouTube-kanaal uit! Vandaag een interview met Maarten Hajer over zijn boek “Smart about Cities: Visualising the Ch…

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2015.03.02_The absorbent city_660

The absorbent city: urban form and flood risk management

12 feb 2015 - Cities have always been built in hostile and harsh environments. Technological advances have helped increase the safety and security of their inhabitants and, to a large extent, have divorced the u…

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2015.03.02_Towards adaptive_660

Towards Adaptive Spatial Planning for Climate Change: Balancing Between Robustness and Flexibility

12 feb 2015 - Climate change poses new and unexpected challenges to our current way of living, working, recreation and transport.

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2015.03.02_water-safety strategies_660

Water-safety strategies and local-scale spatial quality

2 feb 2015 - Delta regions throughout the world are subject to increasing flood risks. For protection, regional water-safety strategies are being developed.

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2015.03.02_Sustainable Development_660

Sustainable development of the European port-city interface

2 feb 2015 - In the past, areas at the geographical boundary of ports and their cities have generally been subject to dereliction and subsequent urban redevelopment.

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2013.09.17_The tradition of making polder cities_400

The tradition of making: Polder Cities

17 sep 2013 - Climate change brings larger and more frequent rainstorms and Dutch cities are confronted with water nuisance.

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2013.03.25_Het risico-denken moet óm_Edogawa Tokyo_680

Risk Thinking Needs to Change

25 mei 2013 - The Netherlands is world-renowned for keeping its waters under control. Our country and Dutch companies are leaders when it comes to water management expertise and technology.

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